At Gymnastic World Naples, we offer an extensive Tumbling program with classes ranging from beginner to advanced, high school, college and competitive cheerleading. Our Tumble program is extremely popular and well recognized by Collier County school students, Pop-Warner, and All-Star cheerleading squads. Our lead Tumble coach comes with an outstanding and lengthy background in the field of cheerleading and tumbling.

All of our Tumble/Cheer coaches strive to inspire our students with upbeat personalities, high energy and a genuine passion for teaching. We take the extra time to get to know your child, learn what their goals are, and we pride ourselves on increasing their confidence levels to help each student achieve these goals.

Whether your child is a first time tumbler with desired skills such as cartwheels and round-off’s, back handsprings or are a varsity cheerleader striving for Layouts, Fulls, Doubles etc., our coaching staff has the skill and experience
necessary to get your child where they want to be. Beginner and Intermediate/Advance tumbling levels are listed on our schedule.

All classes are structured and include warm up, stretching, tumbling and jumps. Students are conditioned for strength-building and flexibility at the end of class. Students are taught how to control their bodies and are offered positive reinforcement to keep them focused, moving and learning. Students will have access to all the different equipment our gym offers, including the Trampoline, 40 foot Tumble Trak, Spring Floor, a Foam Pit, and numerous floor mats to assist in their learning experience. There are strict rules about safety, and constant supervision is provided by our coaches.

Whether your child is just a beginner, wants to be a more well-rounded dancer, needs help getting that one skill they need to make their cheerleading squad, or is a retired gymnast who just can’t stay out of the gym, Tumble/Cheer classes are a perfect place for them!